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Fudge the gull

Fudge The Orphaned Gull

4th June 2017

Fudge`s story starts on Sunday 4th June 2017.

It was a bright and sunny day as my husband Colin opened the curtains and bleary eyed caught sight of a small furry shape on our neighbour`s lawn. The shape was staggering around and squawking loudly – obviously not best pleased with his current situation.

My neighbour has a dog who loves to chase after small furries, so leaving it there was not an option and so we dropped off a box next door and 5 minutes later we were presented with the small furry.  It immediately launched into – what I imagine would be a barage of abuse.

At this point, I realised that I knew nothing about birds and he should really be with his mother. I also had three rescue cats who would love to make his acquaintance.

So, plonking Fudge – named by my neighbour – on the dining table, I set about finding him a permanent home.

The RSPCA suggested I call my local vet, they suggested I contacted a wildlife centre and they never got back to me. As the little fella had seemingly become my responsibility, I set to finding out what I could about caring for tiny, little gulls and prepared him his first meal of dried cat food, mashed and served with a side of tuna. Which, I`m glad to say, he gobbled up with relish.

I had hopes at this stage that his mother would be looking for him and so placed him outside on the lawn.

Three hours later and Fudge is still squawking at the top of his lungs, but alas, no-one came to claim him. We have gulls nesting on our roof and I suspected our little orphan belonged up there with the other two birds, but the mother gull ignored his cries and I found myself screaming `wanton hussy` at the ambivalent roof bird.

I knew from my internet searches that mummy bird would normally keep baby bird warm and as it got colder, I realised that Fudge would possibly not survive outside on his own, so took the decision to move him, and a teddy bear into the garage. I even put a hot water bottle in to keep him warm.

I gave him another feed, fresh water and closed the door – hoping that he would make it through the night.

5th June

It was with some trepidation that I opened the garage door this morning for I wasn`t sure if Fudge had survived the night or had been so depressed that he just gave up. I needn`t have worried, his squawks of indignation met me the moment I stepped into the garage.

I had already decided not to handle him as, on the off chance, some kindly gull was looking for an orphan to adopt, human smell may put them off. Also, I didn`t want him to become accustomed to human contact.

It took a while, but I managed to negotiate Fudge onto the lawn, where he proceeded to call for his family.

Unfortunately, roof bird ignored his pleas, but then out of nowhere a gull flew onto the garage roof and sat watching young Fudge with interest.

Eggbert had been hatched on the roof twelve months earlier, offspring of the hussy who now ignored Fudge`s persistant squawking.

After considering the situation for a few minutes, Eggbert flew down onto the lawn. Fudge was beside himself with glee and hopped up and down, manically flappy his stumpy little wings his little legs moved like pistons to greet his new friend.

It was love at first sight and Eggbert was just as enamoured with his new charge as Fudge was with his new parent.

6th June 2017

Fudge and EggbertFudge takes a stroll

Today was another miserable rainy day, but Fudge was demanding to be released and so we shut the cats in the conservatory, put on our waterproofs and let the little fella out.

Eggbert appeared within minutes and greeted Fudge by regurgitating some food. Great, we thought, he`s feeding him, but unfortunately Eggbert proceeded to eat the lot. We`re thinking that maybe he`s a bachelor and will get better with practice.

8th June 2017

Colin has to wear a box on his head when Fudge his out as Eggbert doesn`t like him being too close.

Our neighbour appeared with another orphan from the same nest. She has a limp so much have caught her leg on the way down.  Welcome Smartie



10th June 2017


We placed Smartie on our flat roof in the hope that his parents would take care of her. Unfortunately, five hours later, they still showed no interest. The poor little thing was pretty listless by 8pm and so we took the decision to put her in the greenhouse with Fudge.

As you see from the photos, they took comfort in each other`s presence and were soon snuggling down together on the cat bed.


12th June 2017

We keep our cats in the house when the birds our out.  Hissing Syd is none too pleased

Today I was awoken by a PC at my door asking if someone was keeping wild birds. I took him through to where Fudge and Smartie were sleeping and PC Andy then spent an hour trying to find alternative accommodation for my two guests.

After explaining about the danger from cats, it was agreed to put the gulls onto the flat roof, which PC Andy graciously volunteered to do. All the while, using a golfing umbrella to protect himself from the obvious annoyance of Eggbert, who swooped and hollered until the little gulls were safely installed.

At which point, I swear Eggbert gave me a look of smug satisfaction, knowing that he now had full custody – which is what he had been after all along.

July 2017

The babies are thriving and Eggbert has turned out to be a wonderful parent.

I expect they will fly away soon and find their own areas to nest.

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