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Fragrances In Skin Care

Fragrance and Your Skin

We all enjoy a beautiful fragrance, whether it be from perfume, flowers or wet grass. But perhaps it is more important in skin care, as some fragrance can cause adverse reactions. Both natural and chemical fragrance can result in aggravated skin.

Research found that fragrances in skincare products are among the most common cause of sensitising and other negative skin reactions.

It`s easy to see why companies add fragrances to their products, many ingredients just don’t smell very good and that includes synthetic and some organic oils. So, by adding a beautiful fragrance, the cream or lotion masks the not so great smell and gives off a more pleasing, user friendly aroma.

Unfortunately, many brands use chemical and synthetic fragrance which can cause very bad reaction to the skin and ofter user`s do not realise what their skin is reacting to.

But, there are natural fragrances that smell wonderful and can offer great benefits. Orange, melon, vanilla, coconut, plum kernel and shea butter are a few ingredients that smell gorgeous and are a wonderful addition so skin care.

Here at Sweet Willow, we want all of our products to smell wonderful – apart from our eye creams which do not have any fragrance oils added – and absolutely refuse to put in any fake smells.

So, whether you like the fresh and fruity signature range or the wonderful rose and geranium aroma of the power duo, be assured that we will always find the best, natural fragrance that enhances the benefits in each product.

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