sweet willow organic skincareOver the years, I have worked for many of the top skin care brands and didn`t give too much thought to the formulations or what effect they were having on the skin.

When I hit 40, I devloped arthritis and could no longer stand for long periods, so had to give up my job and find something else to do.

I also found that as the arthritis progressed and the pain worsened, it was difficult to find much enthusiasm for anything, let alone caring too much about the way I looked.

Luckily for me, I met my wonderful husband and he encouraged my interest in using natural ingredients and essentail oils in skin care formulations.  Through trial and error we have put together an amazing range of skin products that are both effective and ethical, embracing the power of botanicals and excluding anything that could potentially cause damage.

I really hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy developing them and would love to hear your thoughts.

In fact, if you don`t mind emailing us a photograph of you with your product(s) and a brief comment, so that we can include you on our site, as a thank you, I will email you a code that gives you an 80% discount from your next order.

Best Wishes

Sharon Sinclair